Jan 20 – Mis Amigos!!

Mis amigos!!
First of all, I miss you all a ton!!! But I’ve made a lot of great friends, and I can’t wait to make it to Paraguay! I’m set to leave on February 23, it all goes well with the visa.
Being at the MTC is a change from normal life, but it’s a lot of fun!! I had a lot of worries when I came into the MTC, but I  know I’m going to be okay, because everyone here is so nice, and the Lord watches over his servants every day, all day. And, I love it here!! The Spirit is really here and there are so many people here to help you with every transition. Days are busy, but you accomplish a lot. You are always doing something worthwhile!
I have a really cool zone, which is basically just a unit of Spanish learners that have classrooms near each other and room together. It has a lot of awesome people in it! I’m in a trio right now, so I have two companions,  and we have a lot of fun. People call us the Hermanas, and we call ourselves the posse because we all have to get up to go the bathroom at the same time, and go everywhere together!!
Learning Spanish is hard, but it’s also fun. I gave a spiritual though completely in Spanish, and it wasn’t even that hard!!
I really treasure  my gym time! I get to run and there is also a gym and a weight room. The food is okay here, but I made a pact with one of mis companeras to not get fat, because they have unlimited dessert allll the time :)​
Right now we are teaching two probably not real investigators, Rosi and Alex. It’s hard to find the right words in Spanish to explain some harder concepts, but we are getting good at teaching them to pray!
We aren’t supposed to call each other guys, but everyone keeps forgetting, so we all say “guys, i mean, elders and hermanas!” Then we all joke that we need to repent.
There is so much to say, but I don’t have time to say it all. I’ll write more, and a better, email next week 🙂

  Mis Companeras y yo
Miclyn and Zone
My Zone
Miclyn and Mountains
Me and the Mountains
I Got A Tag
I Got A Name Tag!!!
~Hermana Miclyn Noorda

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