Feb 10 – Week 4

​Hola Familia y amigos!!!
I hope you all have had a great week!! I know I did!
So, to update you all on my week:
Wednesday: We taught Ros​í a lesson on perservering to the end in Español. I think we also taught Mario that day, and it was our last time teaching as a trio.
Thursday: Hermana Worth left us at 8:30 in the morning, so we are officially just two of us now. It was sad to see her go, but we had a goodbye party before lights out on Wednesday with all the candy and junk food we had accumulated…don´t worry, the party was over before 10:30 🙂
Friday: We had a lesson with Mario, and that lesson was a little rough since he didnt want to do any of our commitments. But we´re working on connecting better with him and helping him feel the Spirit so he will want to do the things that will bring him closer to Christ!
Saturday: We had a substitute since one of our teachers was out of town, and she had a lot of new games for us to play and also helped us practice teaching less actives…that was pretty hard, but my compañera y yo aprendamos mucho (learned a lot)!
Sunday: We taught the Sunday devotional on the Book of Mormon, and that was a blast! It was also allowed to be in English, so that was sooo nice!!! We focused on how the Book of Mormon was specifically written for our day and how it gives us the answers to everything we are going through. A lot of the missionaries in my district shared their favorite verses from the Book of Mormon, and it was amazing how strong the Spirit was!!
I shared how I was feeling discouraged after we tried to teach a less active member, but how the next day I read from the Book of Mormon about Lehi and Nephi and how they went throughout the land to teach, and when they went over to the Lamanites, they were so close to God and had prepared so much that they were able to confound many of the Nephite dissenters who lived with the Lamanites, and they were re converted and repented of the things they were doing wrong. I realized that as long as I teach with the Spirit of God, then I can bring people to Christ, no matter how hard their hearts are at first. With God, all things are possible!
Monday: We taught Rosí again, and she has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying, and we were so proud of her!
And finally, today, my compañera y yo and some elders from our district went to the temple after breakfast.
As for Spanish, I’m reviewing preterit and imperfect and learning tons of new vocab! My district loves saying hablar (to say/speak) in imperfect, because it is hablaba, so we like to mess it up and say hablablablababa and just throw in a few extra syllables 🙂
Highlights from the week:
Hermana Collins (roommate of mine) poured some salt on Hermana Lundberg´s pineapple slice when she wasn´t looking. I stabbed it with a fork and said “Hey try this!” and to my surprise she ate it…then spit it out and started spitting everyone. Everyone at our table died of laughter, even her. Moral of the story, no salt with pineapple!
Hermana Lundberg also decided she wanted snacks for the movie we watched on Sunday night called Joseph Smith, so she used an Elder’s suit coat to hide the 6 bags of cheetos she was carrying around. She kept saying” I can’t believe I spilled all over my dress” in a really high pitched voice for about 10 minutes as we walked back to the class room. That made us all laugh uncontrollably again 🙂
Finally, I had a semi-sore throat after one of our lessons, so I asked my companion to see if it looked like I was getting sick. So in the hallway I was bending down and opening my mouth and trying to talk with my tongue hanging out of my mouth and my companion trying to see inside my mouth, and then we realized that a teacher was watching us and laughing at us from the computer lab. That was pretty embarrassing, but we laugh about it all the time now!
Well, I hope you all have an awesome week! Sorry for the long update, and thanks for all the letters!!
Con amor,
            Hermana Miclyn Noorda
I Miss the Snow!!
Miclyn Snow
Saying Goodbye to Hermana Worth
Marking my Spanish Scriptures!
60 Degree Weather

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