March 3 – FIrst Week in Paraguay!

So….I´m here!!! Let me tell you, South America is VERY different then the U.S. I totally expected this but was not very prepared for how much I would miss my own culture!! For instance, I can´t understand hardly anyone! Every day it gets better, but it´s difficult to participate in conversations when I have no idea what´s going on! Not only do they speak Spanish very rapidly, but they use Guarani words all the time. I´ve already learned how to Greet people in Guarani and introduce myself, and I´m learning how to say It doesn´t matter to me. Mostly though, I´m trying to learn Spanish!! My companion is Mexican, so we speak Spanish all the time, but luckily she knows a lot of English too!!
   SO here, everyone walk or rides motorcycles. The roads aren´t paved, and no one follows traffic laws. I´m surprised I haven´t witnessed a crash yet!! We took a bus to Stake Conference (the topic was missinary work woohoo!) and it was CRAZY the bus only slows down for other people and then goes super fast. It was really cool to see Paraguay in this way though!
We eat lunch with people every day, and it´s always the same thing, rice or pasta and meatballs with this sauce things. The desserts, when we have them, are usually pretty good!
Everyone here drinks this drink called terrere, and seriously everyone walks around with huge jugs of water and there small cup thing of the terrere. I don´t even know how to describe it! They eat chipa with the drink, and it´s like hard bread, without yeast, and for some oddd reason, I love it!! I miss soft bread though, they don´t have that or good peanut butter here eather, it´s pretty sad 😦
Every house has a gate around it, and we clap our hands instead of knocking. the people are very nice and social, but some people are very poor. There is no such thing as a trashcan here, and there is trash everyone, but I love how people blast there music from there house everywhere you go. The culture here is so different, but so vibrant.
I have culture shock still, I haven´t even been here a full week, but I already know I´m gonna miss chipa and some other things about Paraguay. I won´t miss my cold showers though or the fact that I sweat all the time!!
Also, the girls greet each with the kiss on the cheek thing, and it´s actually not very weird. Today when we were stretching, 4 girls we know where walking to school and they ran up to give us kisses. They are SO adorable, and they like to play with my hair and teach me Guarani. Their mom is less active, so we are working with her.
I´m amazed at the youth here, they are so amazing! many times there parents won´t be active, but the youth will always go to church. We also have a lot of youth who want to be baptized, but there parents won´t let them.
Well, I hope you all have a great week. Feel free to email me!
Con amor,
          Hna Miclyn Noorda
Mission President and his Wife
In the Zone!
New Companion!!
~Hermana Miclyn Noorda

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