Week 2 in Paraguay – Mar 9

Dear family and friends,
sorry if i you have emailed me and i havent gotten back to you yet, i accidentally slept through some email time last week. my companion and i have been soooo busy these past two weeks. Also, i apologize for the terrible grammar and the no capitals, the shift key is broken and usually doesnt work on this keyboard.
so this week we met lots of new people ready for the gospel, that commited to baptism right away. not many showed up to church, though. however, we had a less active and her little boy come, and another less active and her husband who are preparing for the temple, and an investigator who wants to get baptized in november come! so that was very fun. the people here are so open to learning more about religion, although most are already Catholic.
we hopefully have a baptism next saturday if our investigator goes to church on sunday, woohoo!
so far, i love all the desserts here, and the juice is honestly the most amazing thing in the world! i already can tell im gonna miss it.
the oddest things to get use to is clapping instead of knocking on doors, kissing people on the cheeks as a greeting, and the Jopara, or mix of spanish and guaraní. dont worry though, i finally am beginning to slowly understand what people are saying! this week someone asked me what i was studying, and i replied with: at byu.sooo, sometimes its a bit awkward, but getting better every day!
so, our house is falling apart, and the elders havent sent anyone to fix it, so anytime something good or bad happens, my companion and i say something like: if the president asks why we have so many baptisms, it´s because our air conditioner is broken! or: if the president asks why our shoes are so dirty, it´s because we have no lights in our bathroom! everything is totally unrelated, but we´re hoping he would respond something along the lines of: what! we´ll get that fixed right away.
this week i realized the absolute importance of the book of Mormon in our work. without the book of Mormon, we cannot have a testimony of the church. people can become converted to the missionaries, but if we want lasting conversion, our investigators need to read the Book of Mormon and members need to read it every day.
i hope you all have a good week! send me emails, let me know how you are! if anyone has study tips for language study, i could always use new ideas!
View from my WIndow 🙂
The Buses
~Hermana Miclyn Noorda

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