Week 3 in Paraguay – March 16

Dear Family and Friends,
It has been a very good week! First of, we finally reached our goal of Sacrament attendance this week. WOOOHOO! That was very exciting to see. We also had 2 investigators come who have been investigating for a while, and then we had A NEW INVESTIGATOR who we met last week come, but she also brought her daughter and son and her SISTER and her kids! We were sooo happy. Plus, a less active member we visited the night before came with his non member sister and her son, so that was pretty exciting! It´s amazing to see how working towards goals can really pay of.
   This Satuday we have a baptism!! The investigator was found by my companion and her old companion a few months ago, so it´s exciting she is finally being baptized! We´re so excited for her. She got her first blessing from the bishop this sunday, because she was pretty sick. I´m so glad we have priesthood power to bless us in our everyday lives!
I gave my first talk in front of native Spanish speakers…and it was mas o menos, i guess you could say. But hey, I can only improve from here! I am learning little bits of Guaraní, like ko´anga, which means ahora, or now.
So, I have fallen in love…with the drinkable yogurt here! It is seriously the best. So is dulce de leche, which is kinda like carmel nutella, but the yogurt is seriously the best.
Just as shoutout to those who sent me a letter this week, thank you so much! It was very appreciated!
Well, I hope you all have an amazing week filled with Spiritual and missionary opportunities. Don´t forget, as Joseph Smith once said, the most important thing is to preach the gospel!!
Hermana Guevara, me, Hermana Mercedes, and her less active son that came WOOHOOO
~Hermana Miclyn Noorda

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