Week 4 in Paraguay – March 23

This has been a crazy week!! On Friday we went down to Luque (on the awesome but scary buses) and did family history with Hermana Francisca, one of the most awesome ward members ever because she is willing to help us a lot and hold lessons at her house when the investigators´ family´s won´t let them investigate the church in their homes. Plus, she cooks amazing 🙂
We found about 3 FAMILIES this week that said we could come back. The key word is families, because we want the whole family to eventually be sealed in the temple, and a lot of times we can find wives and children who want to, but the dad is always at work and then says he doesn´t want them to join the church. We´re sooo excited to hopefully teach these families together.
We also got to help celebrate the birthday of the son of one of the members, because one of our investigators was being interviewed at her house. That was really fun, and we got to eat a lot of chipa wazou (I have no idea how to spell it).
And finally, WE HAD A BAPTISM of Carolina. It was so awesome! First off, she has been really sick and her family doesn´t support this decision at all. She talked to us about moving the date, but finally decided to be baptized anyway. Then when she got sick she thought about moving it again, but finally decided to go through with it. She was totally better by the time she was confirmed, which rocked. It was so amazing to see someone who we had taught and learned to love finally enter the waters of baptism. She has a lot of things in her life that she wants to change, and I´m so happy and excited that we could help her and that she can have the joy of the gospel in her life. It really reaffirmed to me that the gospel really does change lives!! It reminded me that all the sweaty days and all the rejections and all the hard things missionaries go through is worth it! It´s hard to leave our families and friends and lives behind, but, it is worth it!
I also learned this week that sometimes on the mission our weakness are laid out before us, and sometimes that´s really hard to see. For example, I sometimes see the teaching skills of my companion, who´s first language is Spanish, and see all my shortcomings, because I can´t explain concepts half as clear as her. But it´s just like it says in Ether, we all have weaknesses, but through Christ, we can make change those weaknesses. We just need to have faith and be willing to trust in Christ and be humble enough to change our weaknesses.
On the other hand, it´s officially fall, which means that there is a nice breeze that helps take the edge of the heat. Also, we got our house fixed and now have hot water, and light!
I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Con amor,
Hna Miclyn Noorda
Carolina’s Baptism

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