Week 5 in Paraguay – March 30

This week was crazy, we had splits and an open chapel. Both were good! We´ve been working with less actives and were thrilled to see some at church and the open chapel.
   Saturday I was in Asuncion for they day, and it was a little odd to be back in the city! Not gonna lie, I missed the back roads, the people, and yes, even the mud. It rained a lot, so I got plenty of that when I returned!
    My highlight of the week was probably when in Asuncion, one of the converts their kept translating their Spanish phrases into the little English that they knew for me, but they didn´t know that I could pretty much understand everything without the translation, so that was pretty funny!
  We gave our recent convert a triple and bible, and she is reading her Book of Mormon every day, and she is going to go to a young adult conference this weekend WOOOHOOOO! We are so psyched for her.
   We are starting to have Family Home Evenings with our less actives and recent converts, and they are super fun! we have about 3 every week now .
   I hope everyone is ready for General Conference, and comes prepared with a good nights rest, and questions that they want answered! i promise you that if you do this, you will recieve inspiration and have your question answered. I love you all SO  much and hope you have a fantastic Easter! Here, they celebrate Easter by making chipa, so that´s what we´ll be doing!
Con amor,
      Hermana Miclyn Noorda
Divisiones por el primero vez
Catholic Parade for the Semana Santa
We Got Pizza Hut!

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