Week 6 in Paraguay – Apr 6

This week was the most crazy i have had in my life!
First, on Tuesday we went down to Asuncion so my companion could get a mark on her arm checked out. We were afraid itwas a spider bite that was venemous, but turns out it´s a FUNGUS. How cool, huh?So anyway, we named it Maher Shalah Hash Bash, which is a name from the Book of Mormon that means Destruction is imminent, because we are doing all we can to get rid of it asap!
Then, on Thursday, we spent a lot of the day with aless active member making chipa for Easter. I even got to play a little soccer and volleybol with her kids in a skirt afterwards while the chipa was baking, so that rocked!
Then of course we had conference on Saturday and Sunday, in which we ordered pizza on Saturdaywith our investigator, who attend ALL FOUR SESSIONS with us, and 4 of our recent converts! So all in all, that was awesome!
We  accidentally kind of flooded our kitchen when we tried to de’frost our fridge…so that was a blast, and we have some good stories to tell about that!
Then, due to an incident in our housing situation, we spent the Sunday night with some other sisters in the area next to ours!
So, we are excited to settle back into our routine and start finding more people to teach for the month of May. On Wednesday, I have officially made it through my first transfer! I´m so happy, I am finally starting to understand the people here and I feel I can really help them now.  I was amazed at how direct conference was, and I can tell you know everyone of my questions was anwered. I know Thomas S. Monson is a prophet!
Also, today, Hermana Guevera and I went down to Asuncion and got PizzaHut, and Froyo to relax ourselves after our hectic week! We got to see the temple too, and I just want to share how I know that we need to build our lives around our covenants, as was said in General Conference. Our baptismal covenants and our covenants in the temple are the most important things we can do on this earth, and nothing should sway us from guarding our covenants faithfully everyday. I know the temple is the House of God, and I know that through them, we can reach exaltation and have eternal families! I also want to bear my testimony on the atonment and the life of Jesus Christ. all of the blessings we have are through Him and because of His suffering for us. We can and must repent of our sins every single day, and this is the only way we can be worthy to go to the temple and live with God again!
I leave you my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. Happy Easter Everyone!
Our Investigator that came to Conference with us!
Nice girls who we didn’t know very well, but wanted to take pictures with us 🙂
unnamed (1)
Fotos de la Conferencia
unnamed (2)
The Familia Gonzalez
-Hermana Noorda

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