Week 7 in Paraguay – Apr 13

Dear friends,
This week went by so fast! We had so many appointments everyday. We worked a lot with our recent converts, less actives, and investigators. Our miracle of the week was the fact that one of our investigators who is scheduled to be baptized on the 18 moved her baptism date, because she wants more time to feel she has been forgiven of her sins. My companion and I have been praying to have at least one baptism this month, and we thought it would be her. She goes to church every Sundayand reads the Book of Mormon all the time, and we can see she has a testimony. So, we were a little dissapointed. However, we got a call from our other investigator who wanted to wait until Novemember, and she changed her date… to the 18 of April! It´s all because she went to every session of Conference, and hearing the prophets and apostoles testify of the importance of covenants made her decide to move her date up. So, my companion and I are busy getting her ready!
 Otherwise, on Friday we went to the family history center with a recent convert and the girl who changed her date to this week. That was pretty fun, and my companion and I got to read some of the talks from teh Priesthood Session of confernce while we waited.
Other than that,we had the most people in Sacrament Meeting then ever before…104! Generally we have around 75. So that was sooo exciting! It was awesome too, because one of our investigators is already doing missionary work, and invited her sister!
I can´t believe I´ve already completed my first transfer. I love this area, and I´´ll be sad to leave it. Hope all is well at home!
Con amor,
 Hermana Miclyn Noorda
Familia Sosa
Roberto a Nuevo
unnamed (3)
Mikala and I! She is 4 and Super Cute!
unnamed (4)
Making Chipa
unnamed (5)
Conference Gatherings
unnamed (6)

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