Week 8 in Paraguay – Apr 20

How to describe this week?
Una palabra: Mojado (Wet!)
It poured rain on Friday, so much so that the water was up to our knees in the streets! That was definitely our adventure of the week. The funny thing is, during every lesson it stopped raining and as soon as we finished, it poured even harder then before!
This week was awesome, and went by soooo quickly. We had a baptism of our investigator who originally wanted to wait until November. She is truly awesome, and invited us over for lunch today to celebrate. I am so amazed to see how the gospel has changed her life, and I can see that her mother is beginning to realize how the gospel brings joy to our families. We are hoping her heart will change and maybe she will want to learn more!
My companion and I started praying that we could find more people to teach, since all our investigators either just got baptized, are about to get baptized, or stopped progressing, when a lady walked up to us this Sunday, introduced herself as a less active member, and asked us to teach her son of 9 years. We were like ummm of course! I know the Lord really does answer prayers, and that He is preparing people every day to be ready to hear the gospel. Don´t be afraid to bring the Gospel into every conversation you have. We have something the world needs, something that can bless the lives of our family and friends more than we ever could alone, so don´t be afraid to share the message of the Gospel of Christ!!
This week I read a lot in 2 Nephi, and it really hit me how many times this book stresses that we need to be humble, and if we are prideful, we will not be ready when Christ comes to this earth again. I am working on being humble in all things, and being willing to admit when I make a mistake or when I don´t know something. I know that when we develope the characteristics of Christ, we will become better than we ever could have imagined! This life is all about progressing, individually and as families. I want to invite everyone who is reading this to pick one thing in their lives, one characteristic or habit that they can change or make better, and work on it this week.
I love you all so much! Thanks for everyone who sends letters and packages, I literally jump for joy every time I recieve something!
Lots of Love,
Hermana Miclyn Noorda
The Zone!
Miclyn Zone
Historia Familiar
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