Week 9 in Paraguay – Apr 27

This week was for sure the fastest week of my mission. I don´t even remember exactly what happened, but i know it was a good week. The ward had a baptism this Saturday of an 8 year old named Sandra, from a part member family. Since we are working with her family, we helped make the empanadas and prepare her for her baptism. That was super fun for sure! We decorated one of the rooms with balloons because she just had her birthday, and even though we forgot to prepare the baptismal clothes, the Elders last minute found some. We had to roll the pants up a lot, but she looked super cute!
  Other than that, we taught our new investigator the Plan of Salvacion and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with pictures and drawings, and he learned all of it! Even though he is only 9, he can tell us the points of both lessons.
   Finally, we had five recent converts attend our ward conference! That is the most we have had since I got here, and we were thrilled! We can´t wait to work with them.
Mas Fotos

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