Week 11 in Paraguay – May 11

Dear Family and Friends,
First off, HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY! I got to skype my family for the first time, and it was sad to realize we still have another 14 months apart, but awesome to see how they were doing. I hope every one of you got to call your mom and tell her how much she means to you. I know all I am I owe to my parents. They really have brought me to this point in my life. I´m so incredibly thankful everyday that they taught me how to choose the right, and they taught me that I have a purpose on this planet, and that God loves me! Without the knowledge of these things, I don´t really know where I would be right now. Certainly not here in Paraguay, learning to serve God with all my heart!
  This week was crazy. As every week here in Limpio is 🙂 It rained again, but we didn´t go past the river this time. We stuck close to home! It helps that both of our investigators don´t live to far. The tender mercies of the Lord are everywhere!
   We really got a lot of help from the members this week. We visited a less active family with a recent convert, an investigator with a member, and two other families with members. I was honestly amazed to see how the members could connect with these people, better than my companion and I could! It was humbling to see that yes, the missionaries are needed, but really, we are only here to get things started, and then step back and watch the ward take over. The bishop of this ward is truly helping us to turn things around. Although he is brand new, he is really putting all his effort into this work. I´m so honored to work with members like him!
    In other news, during one of our Noches de Hogar with our investigator, her niece reached out for the juice. Well, it slipped from her grasp and sprayed directly on the son of our investigator. I cannot describe the look on his face when he was covered from head to toe in cold juice. It was a look of pure shock! We all laughed pretty hard, then helped to clean up and salvage the rest of the treat. It reminded me of why Family Home Evening is so important…even when things go wrong, there is always something that happens that brings us together!
  Finally, we switched houses  in our area for various reasons. It´s a lot smaller…and super dirty. We spent our entire pday cleaning, and now are going to return and, you got it, clean even more! I´m pretty sure no one has cleaned the stove for at least a year, the buildup from the grease is crazy. Wish us luck!
Love you all so much! Thank for all the letters and all the support. Being a missionary is awesome, but also super difficult at times. In the words of one of apostles, it was meant to be hard! It wasn´t meant to be easy. Other wise, it wouldn´t be a trial of our faith! So to everyone out there, when times are hard, just remember that it is your time to prove to God that you are willing to take a step into the dark with only Him as your guide. I know He will never steer you wrong, because we are His sons and daughters, and He loves us!
Sandra, A Girl In Our Area And Her Baptism
unnamed (8)
unnamed (9)
 Con amor,
         Hermana Miclyn Noorda

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