Week 12 in Paraguay – May 22

Dear Family and Friends
  This week was a whirlwind of contacts and working with the members. We have so many potential investigators right now, it´s hard to remember them all and make plans to visit them all. I´m so glad though that we are opening our mouths and sharing this gospel, because I´m really beginning to see how it is changing lives!
   This week we worked with both of our progressing investigators with members. We had a young man in our ward teach our 10 year old investigator the 10 commandments, and our other investigator went to a member´s house for their Family Home Evening. She brought her niece and her son. Her nieces LOVE church, and are very receptive to the gospel, although their mother is not. I really hope that a seed is being planted in their hearts, and someday they will be able to make the sacred covenant of baptism. I know that this convenant will change their lives for the better!
  Unfortunatly, our progressing investigator that had a date for this week wants to change her date. She doesn´t fell that she has fully repented, so she wants a little more time. We counseled her to pray about it and ask the Lord…when we are baptized, we aren´t going to become perfect, and we don´t need to be perfect to be baptized. What is important is that we have a broken heart and a contrite spirit, and are willing to always remember Christ, take upon us His name, and keep the commandments.
  I´m pretty certain that I will be transferred this Thursday, and that I´ll leave Limpio, since I´ve finished training. I´m really sad to be leaving all these wonderful people, but I know that I´ve left the area better than before, and that makes me so happy! I´m ready to get to work in some other area of Paraguay, and help find people who truly are ready to follow Christ.
  This week I´ve been thinking alot about charity, or the pure  love of Christ. It is so easy to love our family and friends, but sometimes not so easy to love the people we don´t know, the people that we pass in the streets. Christ is the best example of charity, because He loved every perfectly during His time on earth. Every person He passed or talked to, He love perfectly. In Moroni, it counels us to pray for charity with all the energy of our heart. Sometimes it´s REALLY hard to get along with someone, maybe a person at our work or school, but I know that it is important to love everyone. I have a testimony that if we really pray with all the energy of our heart, we will develop love even for the people who bother us, or the people we don´t know. Sometimes, even the small acts of service, such as praying and serving these people, will allow us to feel this love that God has for his children, or every single person on the earth.
I hope you all have a great week! Never forget to count your blessings.
Con amor,
         Hermana Miclyn Noorda
Nocha de Hogar

~Hermana Miclyn Noorda

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