Week 14 in Paraguay – June 1

Dear Family and Friends,

 I don{t have a ton to write about this week. We were pretty busy, and are working witha  lot of investigators right now. I love this area, but it is hard to get a lot of the people to go to church. But, we are working witha few families right now, and really hoping that we can baptize the whole family.

  this week, we had a lot of help finding some houses. I think the Lord always sens someone who is getting of in the same place as us on the buses, so we never seem to miss our stop. For that, we are super grateful! We also found a park to  excercise in for the mornings,  so that{s been a blessing too!

One thing that I{ve been thinking a lot about this week is happiness and obedience. I{m convinced that the two are completly related. I have seen taht the families that keep the commandments of God and are directly obedient, are the happiest families. Sometimes, we think it{s okay to be a little lazy in one of the commandments, like the observance of the Sabbath Day. But we never know what blessings we are missing out on when we aren{t exactly obedient. The more obedient we are, the more we will have the Spirit of God in our homes, and the easier it will be to follow the example of Christ. I have also learned a lot about theSabbath day this week. In Isaiah, it talks about how this is a day to seek the will of God, and now our own will. Really, this isn{t a day to just sleep and watch movies, it is a day to rest from wordly entertainment , and serve other people, and go to church. My perception of this day really is changing!

I hope everything is going well at home. I miss you all, and apreciate all your prayers and letters!

Con amor,
Hermana Noorda
My companion and me

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