Week 15 in Paraguay – June 9


No tengo mucho tiempo! Per, hola everyone!

I hope you ae all enjoying spring! Here it is fall, but this week felt like summer. We sweated a lot 🙂 This week was a little dissapointing because we didn´t have alot of investigators in church, but we have two progressing investigators still. We also had a family of investigators assist the Branch night this Friday, and the mother of the family watched The Testaments (Great movie!) and said she loved it! The whole family wants to return this next Friday. Now, we are working to help them assist church as a family this Sunday. We also me this awesome lady, and taught her the Restoration the Sunday. She also invited us over for lunch this Tuesday – practically a golden investigator! She just needs to go to church now!

  This week, one of our lunch appointments fell through – our lunch for Sunday, when we were going to finish fasting. Since we start our fast after lunch on Saturday, we went to the storeSaturday night to buy things to eat on Sunday. So, we were already fasting.  What temptation! However, right when we went to buy the food, we got a call saying that their plans had changed, and we did have lunch plans! What tender mercy of the Lord!

 Not only that, but one of our appointments fell through Sunday night. We were pretty dissapointed, but finally we met one of our less actives, and got to have a lesson with her! She is super busy and never home, so I really think the Lord knows where we need to be, and sometimes, when our plans fall through, it´s the Lord´s way of saying “I need you somewhere else.”
This is what we look like everywhere we go (Old Companion)
unnamed (11)
A Member, Edy, and his dog
Love you all!
Hermana Noorda

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