Week 16 – June 15

Dear Family and Friends,
 This week was pretty good! Although every single day our plans fel through or changed, we accomplished some pretty important things this week.
1) We worked with our investigators with active members of the church. I cannot express to you how important memebers are in missionary work. We had two investigators in church this week because a member went to their houses and took them to church.
2) My companion  and I went to the neighboring ward with one of our investigators  and her family to see a baptism. Do you know how great it was to see a baptism again? It reminded me that we are here to help people make sacred covenants with God…this isn´t a contract between the missionaries and a person, or the bishop of a ward and a person, but we are literally  making a promise to God himself that we are willing to remember Him always, take upon ourselves his name, and keep his commandments, and in turn, we are promised the Holy Ghost, or  his guidance every single day that we live worthily and honor this covenant.
  This week I have thought a lot about prophets and why we need them. A prophet is a man called of God to recieve revelation for all the people of the earth. They talk face to face with God, and are special witnesses of Christ. Yes, we have the Bible, and yes, we have the Book of Mormon, but  without prophets, we would never know exactly what these scriptures mean. We would never know exactly what we need to do to return to live with God in our families after this life!!! I really encourage everyone who does not have a sold testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God to read the story of Joseph Smith again, and  pray to know if he really was a prophet. Through Joseph Smith, we really do have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I promise you that I know that we really do have the authority of God, and we really do have a knowledge of what he wants from us, through the prophets of the scriptures, and the living prophet of today, Thomas S. Monson. I am so glad that I have this opportunity to teach people about Christ, and how, through the prophets, they can have the word of God in their lives!

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