Week 23 – Aug 3

Dear Family and Friends,
If last week was discouraging, this week was doubly encouraging. We ran around our area all week, finding members´ houses that we didn´t even know lived in our area, contacting so much, meeting with the 11 people in our area who have been baptized for less than a year, and meeting with our two progressing investigators, a family with many children, and a 10 year old girl whose father recently became active again. We had our hands completly full, and we came home every day exhausted!
This week I have really been thinking about the plan of Salvation and the importance of temples. A girl in our ward recently lost her mother, and it made me realize that every day, I miss my parents a lot, but I know that in a year, I´ll go home and see them. I know for sure that in a year, I get to see them, but I want this girl to know too that really, after this life, God has promised us that if we make covenants and are faithful to them, we will be with our families forever! That is the importance of being baptized, because when we are baptized, we are preparing ourselves to go to the temple of God, and make more sacred, special promises that will seal our families together forever. I know that because God loves us, he gives us that chance!
This week has been a week of miracles. We worked a lot with the members, and they really are helping this work take off here. They helped us bring a less active family to church, and they helped us get some investigators to church too. I know that really, some people just need a friend to help them go to church – sometimes they know with all their heart that this is the Church of Jesus Christ,  but they are too timid to go to church and just need that one phone call from a friend to get them there.
I love this work. It is the best, and the most important. I can really see our investigators in white, going to the temple, years from now, and it gives me great joy to know I have this opportunity to help them discover the light and hope of the gospel in their lives. I especially want to testify that the Book of Mormon really is the word of God, and that it does have the answers to all of our questions, as well as the peace we need from all of our trials. Our mission president has challenged us to contact people on the street with the Book of Mormon, and I am constantly amazed to see that really, every single person we meet, there is always a verse in the Book of Mormon that relates to their life.
I love you all! Thank you for your support! Keep shining with that awesome light that you have, and never forget that God really does love you, and He has a plan for all of his children!
Con amor, Hermana Miclyn Noorda

Templo de Paraguay, Asuncion




~Hermana Miclyn Noorda

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