Week 25 – Aug 17

Dear Family and Friends,
This week we worked hard and learned a lot. One, we learned that if progress stops right in the middle of everything, it´s okay. We can´t always control the decisions of everyone else, and sometimes we can only testify and try to allow people to see why the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bless their lives.
We also learned that if we go to work before church and try to help investigators and less active members go to church, it is possible that we will come back still empty handed. And that´s okay. Because we did everything we could, and that´s all we could do!
I also learned the power of prayer.I think the Lord helped me realize this week that sometimes all we can do is pray, because we don´t have control over a situation. I really think that pray is super powerful, because although we won´t always receive the answer we want, the key is that we will get an answer! I also realized that if we sit down to study the scriptures and start with a very sincere prayer, the Lord will bless with the knowledge that we need.
Triumphs of the week;
Our investigator went to the first hour of church!
Her kids also went.
We got a reference from a member who seems really interested! (Don´t underestimate the power of a simple invitation!)
We also got to celebrate the Day of the Children here in Paraguay, and brought some less active children to the party, and they had a blast! It was interesting to see all the children running around after eating cake and cookies 🙂
​Also, we learned that we should be careful when we walk in the dark – my companion almost tripped over a fat frog! The frogs here are everywhere, but the grossest part is that they are always smashed on the side of the road, and they get dried up so they look like leaves or trash, but then you realize that you are really stepping on dead toads. ​
Thank you for all your support and love, I really appreciate it! Keep on shining your light to the world, and remember that everyone is a child of God!
Hermana Miclyn Noorda

~Hermana Miclyn Noorda

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