Week 30 – Sep 28

Hola amigos!
Hello everyone! This week was eventful. First if all, we had transfers this Wednesday. i was halfway convinced that I was leaving beautiful Itaugua, but turns out that I am staying here…for probably two more transfers, because I am once again training! My companion is Sister Scott from Utah (my first Utah companion!!!). She is super cool, and likes to sing. Cool story; both of us have participated in the Nauvoo Pageant two times! So that was a great thing to bond over. My old companion, my first trainee, went super far, 8 hours away to the border of Brazil. Guess she´ll be learning Portuguese!
We have been working hard this week, i really admire Sister Scott because she hit the ground running with me, and is a really good sport about learning Spanish. WE are mainly working with three people right now, but still no one came to church this week. So this week, we will again be focusing on using members to help people go to church so they can renew their baptismal covenants after their baptism.
One really cool thing this week:
We went to the house of a less active recent convert who is 13 years old. In the middle of the lesson, her mom turned to her and said something along the lines of “This is real. What they are teaching you is not a joke. Please pardon us, Sisters, because sometimes we don´t want to do good things and don´t want to go to church. We are so sorry, you are both angels, please keep helping us learn about God.” We talked to her mom and her about why church is important and we have hope that they will start going again soon, even though her mom isn´t a member.
There really are a lot of cool people here. One of our investigators bought us pizza this Saturday, and it really touched my heart. These people don´t have a lot, but what they have, they share with us. I love this city and I will miss it when I go. I am so excited to go out and work hard this week adn try to help people come unto Christ. I have realized that one of the most important things we have in this life is our ability to choose for ourselves. Sometimes, people won´t choose to follow Christ, and they will choose to do bad things in place of good things, but it is our responsibility as missionaries to give them that opportunity to know the good so they have the chance to choose it. I may invite about 70 people to church every and even though none of them have gone, I know that I have done my job as a representative of Christ by inviting them.
So, here´s my challenge for you all. In D&C 88:81, it talks about how when we have been warned about the gospel, we need to warn our neighbors. With general Conference coming up this weekend, when we get to hear the prophet and the 12 Apostles of God speak, we have a great opportunity to invite our friends. When we really truly love people, we want them to have the same blessings we are recieving from the gospel. So i want to encourage you to think of someone you love, and to invite them to go to conference with you. Maybe they´ll say no, but it never hurts to ask. I promise you that you will recieve many blessings just but simply opening your mouth and inviting.
I know this is the church of God. I know that God has once again sent apostles and prophets to us. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He will never stop loving and forgiving us, and he is ready to bless us with all he has if we just come to him.
Con amor,
Hermana Miclyn Noorda

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