Week 31 – Oct 5

Hola familia y amigos!!
  First off, I hope you all enjoy immensely the general conference this weekend when a prophet of God and his 12 apostles talked to us. I have to say, it was magnificent! Really, I learned so much! First of, I came to the conference with a couple of very specific questions that I wanted the answer to. And, although there were 4 general sessions of conference, I had about all of my answers at the end of the first session. God really does know us and our weaknesses, and he knows what we need to hear. I testify that God loves us, that he has once again called a prophet and 12 apostles to guide us. I know that he can do whatever he wants, and he can and will answer our questions and give us comfort and peace through the mouths of his servants. You may think you are one in a million of people, and that God doesn´t have time to answer your prayers, but I promise you, He is all powerful and can and will answer your prayers. Remember that you are a child of God, and although there are many children of God, YOU are special and loved.
This week, my companion and I made a couple discoveries in companionship study. Primero, we found that every single person in the scriptures who became converted to Lord started with something very important – faith. They didn´t get faith after they saw an angel, but rather, saw angels because they had faith. Then, what they chose to do after sthey aw these miracles determined what happened to their faith.
For example, take Laman and Lemuel, from the first book in the Book of Mormón. They were the wicked brothers of Nephi and the sons of a prophet. They were asked to go back to Jerusalem, full of people who wanted to kill their father, to retrieve the plates, or in other words, the Bible. Although Laman and Lemuel complained alot, I am fairly certain they must have had a tiny bit of faith to accept this commandment of the Lord. While there, they saw an angel of the Lord. However, we know from later stories that they were unfaithful and een became so wicked, they sought to kill their own father, causing the righteous people to flee from their presence.
Now, take a different son of a prophet, named Alma the younger. He went around destroying the Church of God, and he too saw an angel. The difference is, this time, when he saw an angel, he changed his life. He REPENTED and in turn became so righteous, he later became one of the greatest missionaries of his time.
So, what´s the difference? My companion and I came to the conclusion that he had what we like to call, the seed. The seed of faith, which, if planted, it will grow. Alma had this little tiny seed of faith, and he was willing to ACT on it. That is the key. For whatever reason, Laman and Lemuel did not have this desire to act on the little faith they had, so their faith never grew.
Faith is so important. It is the key to everything. If we have faith in Christ, we repent. If we repent, we are ready to be baptized and recieve the Holy Ghost. And if we have faith, we will endure to the end of our days in the faith, and we will inherit the kindgom of God, which is the greatest of all gifts that God can give us.
I testify that every single one of us has a tiny seed of faith inside of us. It´s there. I know it. My invitation for you this week is to find that seed. Do something to water it. Go to lds.org. You can read the scriptures there, or read the conference talks. Learn something about Christ this week. I promise you, it will change your life. It has changed mine forever.
I know with all my heart that God lives. He lives, and he wants us to be happy. He wants to give us all He has, and He will, if we are humble enough to act and be baptized in his name with the proper authority. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is his church re-established on the church once again.
I leave you with this tesimony, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Con amor,
Hermana Miclyn Noorda

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