Week 35 – Nov 9

Dear Family and Friends,
Sorry for not writing last week! I ran out of time, since lots of people emailed me with birthday wishes. Thanks to everyone for remembering!
Anyways, to update you with what has been happening for the last two weeks:
First of all, I did have my birthday in the mission, which was surprisingly really awesome. Not going to lie, I received some pretty awesome heartfelt birthday gifts, that I know I will treasure forever! Also, I was able to get Lomitos (A type of yummy sandwich) with my district! All in all, it was a great way to turn 20.
Second, this week we had transfers. Luckily, I am once again staying here in Itaugua (!!!!!) to finish the training of Hermana Scott. That makes 7 and 1|2 months that I am here in Itaugua! I am fairly confident that it is my last change here, but who knows?
Also, with transfers we found out that once again, a companionship of missionaries was taken out of our area, so now we are down to two sets of missionaries in our branch, and our area is, once again, bigger! Looks like we´ll be walking a lot more 🙂 Or else taking more buses….
Other than that, Sergio was baptized! Our awesome investigator. His whole family came, as in his mom, his two aunts, and his cousins, to see his baptism, even though most of them aren´t members, so that was great. And although there were a lot of difficulties (the key to the clothes closet was lost, the water to the font ran out, we filled the font with buckets, the Branch President arrived late, etc) he was finally baptized and confirmed! We are so proud of him. He is now actively working on his Duty to God and asking us to bring him Liahonas 🙂
Other than that, we are working really hard with a couple of great families that sadly are not assisting the church so regularly, but they are beginning to progress, and we are really proud of them! It is amazing to see the changes that the gospel can make in the lives of these people who have real problems. But, no matter what their problems are, the gospel can ALWAYS help them have peace in their lives and overcome their difficulties. This I know, because I have seen it time and time again on the mission and in my life.
And, of course, we are still working with some great investigators. This week was full of people who REALLY have studied their bibles. I am happy to say that although my comp and I don’t know EVERYTHING, we do know that the Book of Mormon gives us greater light and knowledge to the principles of the Bible, and that they really do support one another. We came out of those lessons with our investigators committing themselves to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true. Now, we just need them to come to church!
My thought for this week is about the Atonement of Christ. As a mission, we are beginning to study themes every week, and this week’s theme is the Atonement. Today my companion and I realized that there are two deaths; Spiritual Death (when we don’t live in the presence of God, and when we sin) and physical death (when we die). Both of these deaths we inherit when we are born, but since Christ suffered for us, he gave us the tools (faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and enduring the the end) to be clean from sin, and one day live with Him again. AND, he overcame physical death so that one day, our spirits really will reunite with our bodies to never separate again! Really, the fall of Adam and Eve is directly connected to the Atonement…and the Atonement relates directly to our lives now!
​As for the weather, today it was a hot 107°F, and we went to a cool zone activity where I was able to run while my companion rode her bike next to me. Then, of course, we got some ice cream 🙂
Well, I hope all is going well at home. Thank you everyone for supporting me. Really, you all me a lot to me, and I can only imagine how much more you all mea​n to our Father in Heaven. I know He really loves you all a lot!
Enjoy your week!
Con amor,
Hermana Noorda

~Hermana Miclyn Noorda

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