Week 36 – Nov 16

​Dear Family and Friends,
This was another fantastic but HOT week! It was in about the 90s or 100s all week, so we were sweating to death pretty much always. I have started taking two water bottles with me everywhere.
Highlights of the week:
I am now a true Paraguayan. I have now gotten on to a bus so crowded I was literally hanging out the door for a while there. One hand was hold on for dear life, and the other was holding my skirt down. It was pretty interesting 🙂
I also recieved a package of Life Cereal from my family for my birthday. It´s the little things that we miss the most. I´ll be honest, I did shed a tear or two of happiness.
And We had two investigators in church! One, a man who is really trying to find the true church, and although he has a lot of questions, everyone welcomed him into the church with arms wide open, and although he never said anything, I am pretty sure he felt the Spirit, because instead of pounding us with questions as usual, when we asked him how church was, he was quiete for a moment and then said “Very interesting…I´m learning a lot”.​
The second is the sister of a member who is very sweet. She is a little shy, but she seems very willing to learn more.
We are hoping that they will be back next week for more spiritual experiences!
Finally, in church yesterday, one of the girls I helped baptize got up and sang Oh My Father, a beautiful  hymn about how we will all will die someday, but how our goal is to live with God after this life. It is so beautiful, and she sang so well! I felt the Spirit so much, and I was just thanking God for this opportunity to love these people so much, and to be able to witness this spiritual growth they are having. I know this church is true. I know it is literally the only church that has all the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that God restored the power to baptize and to  direct his church through his prophet Joseph Smith, and that today we have a prophet that talks face to face with Christ and directs His church today. I know God loves us, and if we ask Him is this is His church, He will answer us, because He has answered me.
I love every single one of you so much. Thank you for the packages and letters I got this week. They really mean a lot!
Con amor,
Hermana Miclyn Noorda

~Hermana Miclyn Noorda

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