Week 38 – Nov 30

IMG_0272Hola Amigos y familia,
¿Que tal?​ I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I sure did, we celebrated the birthday of a member in the church and ate cake, empanadas, and milanesa (A type of meat), and a new investigator came to the birthday party with her little nephew! I think she had a good time, we think she´ll go to church this Sunday with us.
Then, we were able to go buy a turkey lomito, which was specially made for Thanksgiving 🙂
Well, probably the coolest thing that happened is when, right after an activity in the church on Friday, it started storming like crazy! There was thunder, there was lightning, and then, the heavens opened up and the rain POURED down! It was like nothing I had ever seen. We had to be in our house at 9, as a rule on the mission, and since we didn´t have permission to stay out later, all the missionaries put their scriptures in garbage bags, and off we went into the rain! My companion and I just took our shoes off and ran through the streets in the rain, and by the time we got home, it looked like we just went swimming in our clothes. One whole side of the street had flooded too! It was pretty fun though, it felt like we were at a water park.
The coolest thing about this week is probably what I learned in church. It was sad because everything that was said, I knew how much it would have helped our investigators, who unfortunately couldn’t make it this week. BUT I learned that:
God is a God of covenants. God has always made covenants with his people, and he always will.
A covenant is a promise between God and one of his children (all of us 🙂 God sets the conditions and we agree to them. He says that if we do x, we will get y. For our baptismal covenants, we promise to:
1) Take upon ourselves the name of Christ and remember Him always
2) Follow his commandments – whatever he asks of us
3) Serve God and our fellow man
​In turn,  God promises us:
1) Foregiveness for our sins
2) A rebirth from a life of sin to a more pure life
3)His Spirit to be with us as long as we are worthy
WOW. We literally get FORGIVENESS for our SINS. We can have the spirit of God with us, the MOST POWERFUL BEING IN THE UNIVERSE.​ Those are the coolest, most important blessings we can ask for!
Then, after learning about this oh so cool covenant called baptism, I learned that then, we get to make covenants in the temple, the House of God! These covenants are even more sacred, and the blessings are even greater. I realized that we aren´t baptizing people just to baptize them, but to help them make covenants with God that will prepare them to make higher covenants with Him in the temple!
SO I realized that right NOW is the time for everyone to prepare to make these special covenants with God. Every decision we make either helps us prepare to make covenants or keep the covenants we have made, or it pulls us away from making covenants or keeping the covenants we have made with God. Which made me realize that every single day, we need to take a good hard look at ourselves and what we are doing wrong, and we need to repent. Repentance I think is the greatest gift God has ever given us, and he gives it to us through baptism.
So I have a challenge for everyone. I challenge you all to study up on repentance. Some great tools is True to the Faith, The guide for the scriptures, and lds.org. THEN, I want you to ask yourself if you have ever really truly repented of anything. Then, I want you to make it a habit to repent EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I know you can do it! I am trying to do the same thing. I have learned that repentance is a joyful process that sometimes starts off difficult and hurtful, but that it leads to great peace and real joy. I testify that God loves us, and has given us this opportunity to make covenants with him because He loves us and wants us to have the ability to overcome our sins. He only desires that we are happy!
I love you all so much! Have a great week!
Con amor,
Hermana Noorda

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